White Widow CBG


What is White Widow CBG?

White Widow CBG presented by Native Hemp Company.

Welcome to the highest grade CBG flower our company has ever released.

White Widow CBG is a very potent sativa dominate strain with origins of landrace strains in South America. One being Manga Rosa known for its strong body buzz effects and the next is South Indian Sativa which is known to wake you up as soon as the strain touches your taste buds. 

White Widow CBG has complex trichomes that coat the flower giving it a very pale and white look to it. White Widow CBG also has loose and very large size nugs with bright orange hairs that make this CBG strain unique and special.

What to expect:

You can expect smells of classic premium cbg smell with kush and almond undertones. Truly unique in the CBG world and something you wont forget. This strain will beg you to get on your feet so make sure you have a list of things to get done before you smoke Native Hemp Cos White Widow CBG. 

Total CBGa: 15.184%

Indoor Strain

All of Native Hemp Co flower is 3rd party lab tested, hand trimmed, and crafted with the highest level of cultivating 

Collections: All Hemp Products, HEMP FLOWER

Type: Unknown Type

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